From the Owner...


Be Beautiful.  

Inside and Out.

It is important to me that everyone coming to my salon, feels beautiful when they leave.  My interest in hair and beauty extends from my childhood, playing with hair and makeup and experimenting with my own sense of fashion.  Since 2007, I have been honing my skill through education, observation, and experience.  


I knew from a young age that I wanted to someday own a business.  As soon as I embarked on the cosmetology path, I started thinking of the salon I would one day open.  In 2010, I opened the doors of Anna Kate Hair Design.  For 5 years, I built clientele and discovered what it takes to maintain great relationships with the people who choose me as their hairstylist.  I worked by myself during this time and, though it was often comfortable and "easy", I eventually decided it was time to expand my business.  


October 2015 marks an important milestone in the history of my salon.  I have moved to a new, bigger location and made over the interior design of the space.  I've also renamed the salon to Anna Kate & Co. Salon.  The new name signifies the unified team of stylists I intend to be a part of this exciting journey!


The beauty industry is exhilerating and full of creative, passionate people.  I cannot wait to harness as much of that into Anna Kate & Co. as I possibly can.  Our clients deserve the very best of our skills and our time.  We hope you feel at home as soon as you walk in the door... and that you come back and visit often.



See you soon!

Anna Kate