Name: Anna Bunnell

Position: Owner

Effective July 8, 2020, I will no longer be working behind the chair at my salon.  The past twelve years have been an amazing experience and I have had the pleasure of developing relationships with unbelievable people.  However, change and growth can be a good thing and it is now time for me to pursue other goals.  Please schedule with one of our insanely talented stylists for any of your hair needs.  Thank you! 

My Contact Information:

Cell: (317) 696-6413  Email:

If you are interested in joining our salon and building your independent business, I would love to chat about your career and give you a tour.  Please contact me directly to schedule time for this.  I look forward to meeting you!

About My Salon

My salon is a source of pride - pride for a space where clients enjoy visiting and pride for an environment where my colleagues can grow their businesses.  As a team, we have created the best blend of booth rent and commission.  Each professional is 100% in charge of their business - without feeling like they're alone.  We hold regular meetings (scheduled and impromptu!), primarily focusing on goal setting and brainstorming marketing ideas.  It can be scary to take the plunge into booth rental (a.k.a. business ownership).  By renting space at Anna Kate & Co., you can find the confidence to take this big step with the assurance that you have a network of support to help you through the challenges.  


We look forward to meeting you soon!