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We are so proud and excited to have recently added a full service spa room to our hair and nail salon.  You can now schedule nearly any service in the beauty industry at Anna Kate & Co.... take a look at the following information and be sure to schedule soon.  We look forward to pampering you!



Our refreshing and relaxing facial includes cleansing, toning, and exfoilation of the face and decolletage, a warm hazelnut oil facial massage, mask application mixed especially for you, a soothing hand & arm massage, and finished off with appropriate serums, moisturizer and SPF for your skin, all atop a heated massage table with hot towels and therapeutic steam in a private treatment room.
*Extractions available upon request


Spa Facial

Our spa facial includes all the skin care, treatments, and implements listed above, and also includes a personalized wrinkle-reducing eye treatment with a chilled eye compress, an ultra moisturizing lip mask, and an added foot massage for the ultimate spa treatment.


Extraction Session

Hot towels and steam are used to loosen stubborn congestion of the face, along with a deep cleansing, and an appropriate extraction of problem areas is performed. Finished in toner & moisturizer suitable for the client's skin type.


Lactic Peel Facial

A little extra oomph for your skin! This service includes our facial service, replacing the mask with a lactic peel. A lactic peel is a mild, gel exfoliator that delivers an even surface peeling of the uppermost layers of skin. Our peel is a 30% organic lactic acid, and is natural with exfoliating pumpkin fruit enzymes and pomegranate extract, which is stimulating to the skin and assists in the exfoliation process. Put your best face foward, naturally!


Back Facial

We have your back! While relaxing on our heated massage table, you'll experience hot towels, warm steam, deep cleansing, exhilarating exfoilation, and a light massage on your full back and shoulders. A therapeutic clay mask will soften your skin and a finishing moisturizer will soothe it. Perfect in preparation for backless dresses and vacation planning.


Natural Beauty Facial

Exclusively for our spa guests 12 & under! This 30 minute facial includes a refreshing cleansing of the face and neck, warm towels, light facial massage with lavender oil, and a mask made of some of nature's finest skin care ingredients--oatmeal, honey, milk, and cocoa. Snuggled into our heated massage table, the client will get a hand massage while the mask sets up. Perfect spa day for a natural beauty! (Please let us know of any food allergies during scheduling)


Please let your massage therapist know what your goals are for each massage session.  The types of massage therapy currently offered are:


Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage is designed to relax the body by stimulating the parasympathetic system and encouraging blood flow to the heart. A combination of effleurage, petrissage, wringing and kneading techniques are applied with oil or lotion to manipulate the soft tissues of the body and improve circulation.


Deep Tissue
Deep Tissue massage gently affects deep layers of musculature and connective tissue.  Varied pressures and techniques are used to relax the superficial muscles and affect the deeper musculatciruure, tendons and fascia. This eases chronic muscle tension and pain, increases circulation and energy flow, and improves range of motion.


Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage involves the use of heated, smooth basalt stones and warm oil or lotion.  The stones are applied using Swedish massage techniques or placed on certain parts of the body (i.e., hands, spine, abdomen, etc.) and left for a period of time.  This massage helps improve mood and energy, ease muscle tension and pain, increase circulation and promote the release of toxins. 


Benefits and Effects of Massage
Almost all people, healthy or not, have some condition that can be improved by massage, which can improve their health and well-being.  Regular massage therapy can:


  • Improve muscle tone and promote weight loss when combined with proper exercise and nutrition.

  • Improve circulation of nourishing blood, thus encouraging healing and enhancing skin tone.

  • Cause muscles and joints to become more flexible and improve range of motion.

  • Reduce or prevent constriction and adhesions as traumatized muscles heals.

  • Relieve stress and tension, enhancing the ability to cope with day-to-day situations.

  • Relieve mental and physical fatigue, leading to renewed energy and ambition.

  • Reduce mental strain for improved cognitive function and productivity.

  • Relieve pain caused by strained muscles or irritated nerves.

  • Reduce/prevent muscle soreness from overexertion.

  • Induce a state of deep relaxation and relieves insomnia.

  • Temporarily reduce mildly high blood pressure.

  • Relieve headaches and eyestrain.