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Big Makeover = Color Correction

While other stylists cringe at the term "color correction", our stylist, Scotti, embraces it. After hours of optional advanced training in addition to in-salon experience, she knows the fundamentals of transforming hair color to give a client the true definition of "makeover". She posted photos recently of a before and after. At first glance, even for me, the after color appeared pretty, but not necessarily remarkable. However, when you look at the before picture and realize what it took to dramatically alter it... well, that after picture suddenly becomes something truly amazing. I asked her to write up her thought process and her procedure for tackling this sort of salon challenge. Enjoy!

- Anna Kate

Color correction is exactly what it sounds like - a correction. If you are wanting a big change, are unhappy with your current look, or even just want to return to your natural color after years of chemical services, chances are you will be facing a correction. Typically, most stylists agree that any color process with multiple steps and more than 2 colors is a color correction. These services are extremely tedious, they can take a few hours and a few processes (possibly spread between multiple visits) to achieve the look you’re wanting.

This before and after is a color correction. It doesn’t look like a huge change but this was a very tedious service.

Scenario: My client had a grown out balayage that was too warm and brassy for her liking. She wanted a natural deep brown all over with some caramel highlights.

Thought Process:

"How do I proceed with this without sacrificing the existing health of her hair?"

"Will I need 2-3 process to achieve this? And will I be able to do all of the processes today or will she need to let her hair 'rest and repair' before coming back for more?"

"Is her hair healthy enough to go through these processes?"

I had to formulate 4 different colors for this look: 1. a natural root color for shine. 2. a deep brown that matches the roots with warmer tones to add the missing pigment into the ends. 3. the highlight. 4. the toner to achieve a caramel color on the highlights.

I also added Olaplex in with all those colors to protect the hair from any further damage.

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