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I Got My Brows Bladed! (Part One)

My blading process!

For several months, I had been considering this procedure. Microblading in Greenwood is limited - most artists are located on the northside of Indy. However, I knew a woman and contacted her for more info. Her price was a little higher than I was willing to spend and I decided to hold off - I'm a mom of 3 with a relatively new business. Spending that much cash on my EYEBROWS just didn't seem justifiable. Fast forward about 4 months and I receive an email from a microblading artist looking for space to work in Greenwood. I immediately contacted her and set up an interview (I have a perfect private room that she could use!) I wooed her with my winning personality (luckily, she doesn't scare easily) and, later that evening, she emailed to let me know my salon would be the perfect place for her to launch her microblading business. Hurray!

Microblading is a tricky procedure. It requires some serious attention to detail, a steady hand, and an artistic eye to the asthetics of facial symmetry and shape. Tammy is a master at all of this. Sometimes, just a little bit of evidence and a strong gut feeling is all I need to convince me. Tammy got set up and moved in and started with her biz (I was also very excited because she set a very reasonable price point). Shortly after her arrival at my salon, she offered all of us stylists a good deal if we were interested in getting our brows microbladed. I jumped all over it. Hey, I'd already been considering it, this girl could rock some brows, AND she was offering me a deal. What's not to love?

We scheduled the initial appointment and I followed all of the rules - no booze, no caffiene, no working out. Apparently, these factors can cause a few obstacles in the procedure - more bleeding, which can push the ink back out of the skin plus more pain. The appointment went great! Tammy verbally went through the procedure before getting started. We color matched the ink to my brow color (my brows are dark and full but years of waxing and plucking left me with some bare spots). Then, she started the mapping. I'm a stressed out woman most days and I try to go for regular massages to relax so I'm all about things that chill me out. I'm not kidding when I say that I almost fell asleep during the mapping portion. I had to be still and quiet (if you know me....) and she just gently used floss, ink and calipers to map out and design the borders of my new brows. She then had me check the shape (yippee... I could already tell it was going to be great!). Once this was done, the real work began. The question I've been asked the most: did it hurt? Yep, it did. But it wasn't horrible. She numbs you before hand (I don't numb well so I was au natural with the pain). And, honestly, the blading part didn't even last that long. Once she was done? Oh my goodness... I almost cried to see myself with full eyebrows again! I instantly felt younger and more glamorous!

Now, for the healing. The healing portion of this experience is rough (I'm all about honesty so bear with me). The first few days, my brows were really dark because the pigment was so intense. I was fine with this - it just looked like I had penciled in some bold brows. Then, the itching began. You cannot rub your brows, wet your brows, scratch your brows. Pretty much, leave those puppies alone!!! Following the itching (and along with it) comes the scabbing and subsequent flaking. This whole part only lasted 4-5 days for me (everyone differs) but I could not WAIT for it to be done. And then, all of a sudden, it was! And my brows looked great... any minor imperfections would be taken care of in the required follow-up.

How are my brows now? Stay tuned for more about my touch-up appointment and the final result!

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