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I Got My Brows Bladed! (Part Two)

I love my eyebrows! Just look at the before and after... I have "tails" again! And they're so pretty and full looking. Hands down, I would absolutely recommend microblading. But I'm getting ahead of myself... I still haven't finished the story of my experience!

So, I scheduled my touch-up for a few weeks after my initial visit. I couldn't wait to get everything filled in more and to see my brows in all their potential glory! My touch-up was on a Sunday at 11. And I broke every.single.rule. I drank a couple beers the night before, two cups of coffee the morning of, then a 30 minute HIIT class at my gym. Oh my goodness... I wanted to jump off the table. And not only was the pain more intense, my skin bled (I did not bleed during the first visit) which made it difficult for her to keep the ink in my skin (I am so mad at myself). So, my biggest piece of advice: FOLLOW THE RULES!

Now, for the good news... the healing was a million times easier this time! I itched for only about a day and it wasn't as intense. The scabbing and flaking was less obvious as well. Overall, I felt the touch-up experience was much smoother than the initial (if I had followed the rules, the whole experience would have been a breeze!)

Am I happy I got my brows microbladed? Absolutely. Best thing in the world - I have been wearing less makeup lately (no particular reason... I just haven't felt like wearing much) but I still feel "put together" with my brows already being done. I have no worries about wiping my brow makeup off during the day. And, I swear, my face looks younger! What's not to love about all of that? The healing process is slightly annoying - but so short lived that, once it's over, you won't even care. Especially because your brows look so good! Tammy did such a great job of keeping my brows looking natural - I'm sure most people can't even tell I've had it done! I am a HUGE fan of microblading and the benefits. But.... FOLLOW THE RULES!! :-)

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