• Anna Bunnell

Long live Queen GHD!

I am a self-proclaimed flat iron snob. It's okay, I'm not afraid to admit it. I know what I am and I embrace it. After all, if something can aid in the health of hair, I am always a big fan. So, it's just a flat iron, you may say. What's the big deal? First of all, this isn't “just” a flat iron. This is a clamp of two pieces of metal that you are squeezing onto your precious hair in order to de-frizz and make sure no one knows how brutal your bedhead really is. You use it to tame your bangs and your face framing layers – in other words, pieces of your hair that are literally right in front of your face. And if you have ever experienced flat iron burn (or seen a loved one suffer), you can attest to the fact that A) it looks terrible, B) it takes forever to grow out and C) you will continually use heat on it in a valiant effort to control it when what you are really doing is creating further damage. Therefore, why on earth would you use a cheap iron to strive for silky locks? Why on earth would you spend hundreds of dollars a year on haircuts and color and then go home and style it daily with a flat iron from the drugstore? Protect your investment!

I was first introduced to the GHD iron in beauty school. I was poor. I wasn't working, I was going to school as frequently as possible to get in my hours while also raising three kids. My husband's income paid our bills – my goal with getting my cosmetology license was so that we could do more in life that merely pay bills. But my school had provided a crummy flat iron to us and, though I tried to muddle through, it didn't last longer than a year. So, suddenly I needed a new one. I went to the beauty supply and searched around. I picked up an iron that was on special and “appeared” to be “decent” (don't they all?) It was important to me, though, to get some feedback so I asked the salesperson for her opinion. Yes, I know, she was a salesperson. But I was hoping for some honest value in her recommendation. Especially when she basically told me to put back that sub-par iron and make a real investment in my career by purchasing a GHD. Of course, I was clueless but I listened in on what she had to say.

“The GHD doesn't allow the user to adjust the temperature,” she told me.

“Wait. What?” I was equally confused and intrigued.

“That's right. A computer microchip in the iron actually senses the texture and condition of the user's hair and adjusts appropriately. Essentially, your clients cannot fry their hair.”

“Oh my god. That would be amazing!” (I'm a salesperson's dream)

“All of the GHD irons also come with a two year warranty. And not only can you use it to flat iron, but it will also curl your hair.”

And then she said the magic words, “If you don't like it, you can return it.”

Okay, that sounded like a deal. So, I forked out the money (remember, Poor Anna) and took it home, full of wonder and skepticism. I tried it on my mom first (my wonderful guinea pig) and was amazed and delighted with how smoothly it glided through her hair. No pulls, no snags, no weird sounds as it moved down the strands. And the final result was stunning – silky, soft hair with no damage and no frizz. There would be no returning of this flat iron – it was home.

I purchased that first iron in 2009. When I started getting busier at my salon and was tired of carrying it back and forth from work to home (yes, I used it that often!), I purchased a second one for the salon. I still have my original GHD at home. It has lasted me over 9 years – that might be a record in flat iron life!

I encourage you to think about the investment in your hair. Is it worth a little more money up front to to avoid flat iron burn and damage to your hair? Are you flat ironing your hair several times a week? Is your current tool pulling at your hair or catching as you are using it? Do you have to go over your hair multiple times or turn the heat up to an unsafe temperature to get any results? If you are answering yes to these questions, I implore you to do some research. Stop by my salon and try out my flat iron – I think you'll be impressed with the differences. And, remember, if you don't like it, you can return it!

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